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Composed Theatre
Aesthetics, Practices, Processes
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ISBN 9781841504568
Hardback 367 pages
Published January 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Composed Theatre gives extensive coverage of a growing field of theatre that is characterized by applying musical and compositional approaches to the creation of theatrical performances. The contributions to this book seek to establish and closely investigate this field, and range from focused reports by seminal artists and in-depth portraits of their working methods to academic essays contextualising the aesthetics, practices and processes in question.

This book looks at Composed Theatre in a unique way by focusing on the creative process, as it is not primarily the aesthetics or the audiences that characterize this field, but the compositional thinking at play in its creation. Since Composed Theatre is often highly self-reflexive, the authors also explore how it is calling into question fundamental certaintities about musical composition, dramaturgy and music-theatrical production.

To read the full review from Theatre Research International click here to download the pdf.

To read the full review in Studies in Theatre and Performance click here to download the pdf.

Chapter titles
Introduction: Composed Theatre in Context
David Roesner
PART I: History and Methodology
Chapter 1: Composed Theatre: Mapping the Field
Matthias Rebstock
Chapter 2: Composition and Theatre
Roland Quitt
Chapter 3: ‘Happy New Ears’: Creating Hearing and the Hearable
Petra Maria Meyer
PART II: Processes and Practices: Work Reports and Reflections 1
Chapter 4: ‘It’s all part of one concern’: A ‘Keynote’ to Composition as Staging
Heiner Goebbels
Chapter 5: ‘ Theatre in small quantities’: On Composition for Speech, Sounds and Objects
Michael Hirsch
Chapter 6: … To Gather Together What Exists in a Dispersed State …
Jörg Laue
Chapter 7: From Interdisciplinary Improvisation to Integrative Composition: Working Processes at the Theater der Klänge
Jörg U. Lensing
Chapter 8: ‘ Let’s stop talking about it and just do it!’: Improvisation as the Beginning of the Compositional Process
George Rodosthenous
Chapter 9: Hearing Voices – Transcriptions of the Phonogram of a Schizophrenic: Music-theatre for Performer and Audio-visual Media
Nicholas Till
Chapter 10: Composing Theatre on a Diagonal: Metaxi ALogon, a Music-centric Performance
Demetris Zavros
PART III: Processes and Practices: Portraits and Analyses
Chapter 11: ‘ Ça devient du théâtre, mais ça vient de la musique’: The Music Theatre of Georges Aperghis
Matthias Rebstock
Chapter 12: Musical Conquest and Settlement: On Ruedi Häusermann’s Theatre Work(s)
Judith Gerstenberg
Chapter 13: Composing with Raw Materials: Daniel Ott’s Music-theatre Portraits and Landscapes
Christa Brustle
Chapter 14: Permanent Quest: The Processional Theatre of Manos Tsangaris
Jörn Peter Hiekel
PART IV: Discussion and Debate
Chapter 15: Composed Theatre – Discussion and Debate: On Terminology, Planning and Intuition, Concepts and Processes, Self-reflexivity and Communication
Edited by Matthias Rebstock and David Roesner
PART V: Discourse and Analysis
Chapter 16: ‘ It is not about labelling, it’s about understanding what we do’: Composed Theatre as Discourse
David Roesner
'A significant, stimulating introduction to a strand of theatre that is bound to move more centre-field.' – Adam Somerset for Theatre in Wales

'Brings together a diverse range of voices and perspectives, appropriately conveying the sense of scholars and artists engaged in ongoing debate about a developing form. ... It is a style of performance I ahve had little direct experience with but the book made me want to hear and see more.' – Jackie Smart for Theatre Research International

'The volume is accompanied by many beautiful full-colour illustrations (some being major works in art history), photographs and diagrams, making it an appealing choice as a textbook for a number of University courses and programmes, as well as a delight for researchers' – Studies in Theatre and Performance, Pamela Karantonis

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