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Bangladesh’s Changing Mediascape
From State Control to Market Forces
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ISBN 9781841504735
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Published September 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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The book is a collection of essays that provide an in-depth understanding of the changing Bangladesh mediascape. The essays focus on, respectively, specific media (television, radio, film, the press and photography), policy issues and the challenge of the new media to governance in an emerging and developing nation faced with innumerable economic, social and physical problems. The book deliberately avoids the development communication model and argues that market forces rather than planned state interventions will contribute to a more equitable communication environment for Bangladesh.

This pathbreaking book is the first to provide a detailed, critical and much needed overview of Bangladesh's media landscape in all its diversity and complexity. Its editors have brought together a wide range of leading researchers, activists and journalists - each of whom offers an up to date and highly original analysis of their chosen fields. The result is a stimulating and informative collection that should be required reading for anyone who is interested both in the fascinating case of Bangladesh, and in the changing global mediascape of the twenty first century more widely.

David Lewis, London School of Economics & Political Science, author of Bangladesh: Politics Economy and Civil Society (2011)

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Bangladesh’s Changing Mediascape: An Introduction
Brian Shoesmith and Jude William Genilo
Chapter 2: From Few to Many Voices: An Overview of Bangladesh’s Media
Brian Shoesmith and Shameem Mahmud
PART I: Histories
Chapter 3: The Transformation of the Bangladesh Press
Shameem Mahmud
Chapter 4: Radio in Bangladesh: Growth, Decline and Transformation
Jude William Genilo, Bikash Ch. Bhowmick, and Brian Shoesmith
Chapter 5: Rickshaw Puller’s Dreams: From a Cultural History to an Economic Geography of Bangladesh Popular Cinema
Zakir Hossain Raju
Chapter 6: Mu- lafhireejawa (back to the root): Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in Bangladesh
Norman Leslie
Chapter 7: Fragile Fourth Estate: A history of Censorship in Bangladesh (1972–2012)
Naeem Mohaiemen
Chapter 8: Media Law in Bangladesh
A B M Hamidul Mishbah
PART II: Social and Political Contexts
Chapter 9: Negotiating Identity: Islam in the Films of Tareque and Catherine Masud
Juditha Ohlmacher and Anis Pervez
Chapter 10: Women in Bangladeshi Soap Operas: Myth or Reality?
Monami Haque
Chapter 11: ‘Digital Bangladesh’: Technology, Inequality and Social Change
AJM Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan
Chapter 12: Narratives on Digital Bangladesh: Shared Meanings, Shared Concerns
Jude William Genilo, Shamsul Islam, and Marium Akther
Chapter 13: A Political History of Television in Bangladesh
Brian Shoesmith, Shameen Mahmud, and S M Shameem Reza
PART III: Media Practices
Chapter 14: The Profile and Activity of Citizen Journalists: A Study on Bangla Blog Community
Fahmidul Haq
Chapter 15: Independent Cinema in Bangladesh: Its Roots, Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities
Fahmidul Haq and Shanthi Balraj
Chapter 16: Politics of Restraint: The Media and the Chittagong Hill Tracts
Hana Shams Ahmed
Chapter 17: Television, Discursive Spaces, and the Public Sphere of Bangladesh
Jude William Genilo and Ashik Mohammad Shafi
Chapter 18: Public Relations in Bangladesh: Past Discourses, Future Trends
Jude William Genilo and Imtiaz Ahmed Chowdhury
Chapter 19: Challenging the Hegemonic Gaze: Women and Representation in a Cross-cultural Context
Caitlin Harrison
Chapter 20: Conclusion: A Final Word on Market Forces and the Bangladeshi Mediascape
Brian Shoesmith and Jude William Genilo
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