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Iranian Cinema and Globalization
National, Transnational and Islamic Dimensions
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ISBN 9781841504704
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Published March 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Despite critical acclaim and a recent surge of popularity with Western audiences, Iranian cinema has been the subject of few academic studies—and those have been limited to the genres most visible on the international film circuit. Iranian Cinema and Globalization seeks to broaden readers’ exposure to other dimensions of Iranian cinema, including the works of the many prolific filmmakers whose movies have received little outside attention despite being widely popular within Iran. Combining theory with in-depth, interdisciplinary analyses of individual films, this volume also expands the current literature on Iranian cinema with insights into the social and political contexts involved.

This book is unique in its coverage of modern Iranian cinema by locating it within the global film industry. At the same time the work reveals fresh insights into the films of several of Iran's leading directors. For anyone interested in Iranian cinema and its developments in the age of globalization this new publication is essential reading.
Lloyd Ridgeon, Reader in Islamic Studies, University of Glasgow

The book offers a coherent and well-sustained argument in relation to the complex, diverse and contradictory impact of globalization on a national cinema. Original in conception and analysis, it shows a sound knowledge of the main theoretical debates while, at the same time, advancing the wider field of scholarship by examining material and issues neglected by Western scholars and critics. A convincing case is made for the position of the Iranian cinema industry as one of the most important in the world and also demonstrates the ways in which the most liberating and empowering effects of globalization may, contrary to expectation perhaps, be found at the level of local and national film production.
Roger Bromley, Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies and Honorary Professor of Sociology, University of Nottingham

Chapter titles
Part I: Theoretical Framework
Chapter 1: Making Sense of Globalization
Chapter 2: The Concept of National Cinema: Theorization and Critique
Part II: Iranian Cinema and Globalization
Chapter 3: Iranian Cinema in the World Cinema Circuit: Politics, Economics and Aesthetics
Chapter 4: Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s ‘Transnational’ Cinema and Globalization
Chapter 5: Daryush Mehrjui’s ‘National’ Cinema and Globalization
Chapter 6: Ebrahim Hatami-kia’s ‘Sacred Defense’ Cinema and Globalization
'Manages to show that cinema allows the global to appear even in the most rarefied local filmmaking practices' – Film Criticism: Sara Saljoughi

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