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New Zealand Film and Television
Institution, Industry and Cultural Change
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ISBN 9781841504575
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Published December 2011
Imprint: Intellect
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Despite the challenges arising from a limited population size and the difficulty of obtaining adequate funding, the film and television industries of New Zealand have been the source of significant creative achievement and profound cultural influence. Charting their emergence and subsequent development through five decades, New Zealand Film and Television: Institution, Industry and Cultural Change examines these two increasingly vibrant cultural and creative industries. Whilst there is a growing body of academic work on the film and television productions which have originated in New Zealand, relatively little exists that examines the specific cultural concerns, institutional objectives, policy directives, and industry practices that have shaped these productions. New Zealand Film and Television: Institution, Industry and Cultural Change aims to fill this gap.

'Powered by expert knowledge and brilliant research, the authors of this book cast new light on film-making and television production in New Zealand. Tracing the development of the two industries side by side over a long stretch of history produces a number of revealing comparisons and contrasts. Today there is much debate and controversy about the future of television and film in New Zealand, and this book is very timely in providing a thoughtful, in-depth background to the issues. As an innovative study of media institutions, political forces and cultural trends, this book will be valuable reading not only in New Zealand but in all the countries that are striving in today's competitive environment to maintain healthy film and television industries.'

Roger Horrocks, Emeritus Professor of The University of Auckland and founder of its Department of Film, Television and Media Studies.

Interview with Trisha Dunleavy

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Television in the Era of Public Monopoly (1960–88)
Chapter 2: Pioneers, Mavericks and the Inception of a National Cinema (1960–88)
Chapter 3: Television, Neo-liberalism and the Advent of Competition (1988–99)
Chapter 4: Neo-Liberalism and the Consolidation of a National Film Industry (1988–97)
Chapter 5: Television after 2000: Digital ‘Plenty’ in a Small Market
Chapter 6: New Zealand Cinema and Internationalism (1998–2010)
Institutional and Cultural Change in Television
Institutional and Cultural Change in Film
Key Influences on New Zealand-Domiciled Feature Film and TV Drama
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