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South African Cinema 1896–2010
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ISBN 9781841504582
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Published February 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Taking an inclusive approach to South African film history, this volume represents an ambitious attempt to analyze and place in appropriate sociopolitical context the aesthetic highlights of South African cinema from 1896 to the present. Thoroughly researched and fully documented by renowned film scholar Martin Botha, the book focuses on the many highly creative uses of cinematic form, style, and genre as set against South Africa’s complex and often turbulent social and political landscape. Included are more than two hundred illustrations and a look at many aspects of South African film history that haven’t been previously documented.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Early South African cinema: 1895–1948
Chapter 2: A few liberal voices in the 1950s
Chapter 3: Pierre de Wet, Jamie Uys and Afrikaans cinema in the 1950s and 1960s
Chapter 4: Jans Rautenbach
Chapter 5: Manie Van Rensburg
Chapter 6: Ross Devenish
Chapter 7: B Scheme films
Chapter 8: The voices of the 1980s
Chapter 9: Oppositional film-making in the 1980s
Chapter 10: Attempts to create a national film commission
Chapter 11: Post-apartheid cinema
Chapter 12: Themes and aesthetics of post-apartheid cinema
'A key contribution to the documented history of the South African film industry, as an introductory text for those new to the area and as a reference guide for those wanting to explore it further' – Screening the Past- Suzanne Woodward

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