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Shanghai Street Style
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ISBN 9781841505381
Volume 1
Paperback 168 pages
Published February 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Although fashion fixtures and A-list celebrities pack the front rows at the biggest, most glamorous shows at fashion week, the most creative attire is often found not on the catwalks or inside the auditoriums but on the streets. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, where a vintage Vivienne Westwood frock pairs perfectly with a chic puffer, and neon brights elevate distressed denim to veritable haute couture.

Shanghai Street Style marks the inaugural volume in an exciting new street style series from Intellect. With an array of up-and-coming young designers like Coko Wan, Nio, and Helen Lee, Shanghai is swiftly cementing its status as a global fashion destination—celebrating its Fashion Week's 10th anniversary this year—and this book brings together more than one hundred full-colour photographs showcasing the remarkable diversity of styles seen on its streets. Alongside the photographs are short pieces of critical commentary by Vicki Karaminas and Toni Johnson-Woods, shedding light on the city’s changing culture and how this is expressed through the clothing choices of ordinary city-dwellers going about their daily routines. The result is a stunning street-level look at the trends shaping Shanghai’s fascinating fashion scene, with interesting echoes of East meets West and old meets new.

Eye-catching, entertaining, and informative, Shanghai Street Style gets at the roots of Shanghai trendsetters’ distinct personal styles, identifying the ideas and important cultural forces behind the trends.

Visit for more street style photographs, articles and news on the latest additions to the series.

Photography by Fung Chan:


Shangai Street Style Video Trailer

Shangai street style from Intellect on Vimeo.


Chapter titles
Generating Style
Introduction: Shanghai Street Style
'More than a look-book, 'Shanghai Street Style' documents an emerging 21st Century fashion city' – Amanda Kay, West End Magazine

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