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Teaching Actors
Knowledge Transfer in Acting Training
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ISBN 9781841505701
Paperback 224 pages
Published May 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Teaching Actors is the first book of its kind that specifically addresses actor trainers’ understanding of teaching within their practice by drawing upon history, literature, and in particular a three-year study of leading drama schools in Australia and England. It offers practitioners who were trained in acting (or directing) a structure in which to think pedagogically about their teaching while acknowledging the different ways in which individuals apprehend experience.

Stemming from over twenty years of experience in teaching and performing, Teaching Actors offers invaluable insights into both professions. It will be an invaluable resource for acting teachers in drama schools, lecturers in universities and further education colleges, and anyone interested in understanding knowledge and meaning construction in teaching and training.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Historical Background
Chapter 2: Theory and Practice of Actor Training
Chapter 3: Encountering the Great Divides
Chapter 4: Current Organisational Practice
Chapter 5: Vocational Expertise and Knowledge
Chapter 6: The Actor Trainers: A Case Study
Chapter 7: Drama Schools and the Industry
Chapter 8: The Training Process
Chapter 9: Communicating Knowledge
Chapter 10: Towards Better Practice: A Conclusion
The Epilogue
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