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Cinemas of the Other
A Personal Journey with Film-Makers from Iran and Turkey
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An updated collection of recent interviews with filmmakers whose works represent trends in the film industries of Turkey and Iran, this new geospecific edition expands upon the earlier volume Cinemas of the Other: A Personal Journey with Film-Makers from the Middle East and Central Asia.
Following an introduction delineating the histories of the film industries of the countries of the Middle East, the book contains interviews stretching over a decade, which position the filmmakers and their creative concerns within the social or political context of their respective countries. The striking variety of approaches toward each interview creates a rich diversity of tone and opens the door to a better understanding of images of 'otherness' in film. In addition to transcripts of the interviews, each chapter also includes stills from important films discussed, biographical information about the filmmakers, and filmographies of their works.
Dönmez-Colin offers in this expanded edition a carefully researched and richly detailed firsthand account of the developments and trends in these regional film industries that is sure to be appreciated by film scholars and researchers of the Middle East.


'An unprecedented set of insights into the creative domain where the politics of creativity meet the poetics of emancipation; an exceedingly readable and informative book.' – Film International


Chapter titles
The Hidden Half
Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
The Other Side of the Story
Bahram Beyza’i
Treading the Thin Line: Fiction as Documentary
Abolfazl Jalili
Valuable Lessons of Camera
Mahmud Kalari
Life and Nothing But…; Reality Without Interruption
Abbas Kiarostami
Refugees in Love and Life
Majid Majidi
Portrait of the Revolutionary as an Artist: Take One; Take Two
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
From Social Realism to Dramas of the Interior
Dariush Mehrjui
The Real Identity of Women
Tahmineh Milani
A Place of their Own
Jafar Panahi
As Many Centres as Individuals
Kutluğ Ataman
Hidden Faces
Handan İpekçi
Fragments From Life in Reverse
Semih Kaplanoğlu
Exile’s Return; Many Faces of Truth; Settling of Accounts; A Question of Conscience
Erden Kıral
Film-maker in Times of Strife: A Journey into Self; Nostalgia for True Love
Ali Özgenturk
New Voices Raising Old Concerns; Portraits from the Periphery
Tayfun Pirselimoğlu
Taboos Can Also Be Broken; The Journey of Unlikely Souls; Who am I?; Pandora’s Box
Yeşim Ustaoğlu
Whose is the Gaze?
Atıf Yılmaz Batıbeki
'An in-depth look into the personal and professional sacrifices and rewards that go into creating movies from around the world.' – Trevor Hogg: Flickering Myth

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