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The Rehearsal
Pigeon Theatre’s Trilogy of Performance Works on Playing Dead
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ISBN 9781841505565
Paperback 112 pages
Published April 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Anna Fenemore
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Pigeon Theatre make experimental work that incorporates non-traditional spaces, unconventional social arrangements, and shared intimacies between performer and audience. A trilogy of site-specific performance texts, The Rehearsal raises questions about the interplay in contemporary theatre between the processes of rehearsal and the theatrical metaphors that shape our everyday dealings with trauma, including death. Accompanied by critical essays from Anna Fenemore, Allan Kellehear, Carol Komaromy and Alan Fair in the areas of Performance Studies, Sociology, Death Studies/Health and Social Care, and Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory, these collaboratively written performance texts explore the double meaning of ‘playing dead’.

To read the full review in South African Theatre Journal click here to download the pdf

Part of the Playtext series
'The pieces for theatre ... suggests an experience that is thematically important and formally innovative' – Adam Somerset for Theatre in Wales

'Practitioners and theorists ... will find much in 'The Rehearsal' to inspire and affirm' – Samantha Prigge-Pienaar for South African Theatre Journal

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