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Trends in Communication Policy Research (PB)
New Theories, Methods & Subjects
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ISBN 9781841506746
Paperback 426 pages
230 x 170
Published March 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Natascha Just and Manuel Puppis
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With contributions from leading international experts from within both the communications industry and academia, Trends in Communication Policy Research comprises the very latest developments in the theories, methods, and practical applications of the dynamic field of communication policy research. Topical and of high societal and political relevance, this authoritative and up-to-date volume with contributions from leading international scholars will prove an invaluable reference for students and scholars seeking to understand future trends in communication policy research.


To read the full review from Communications & Strategies click here.

Publication Forum (Finland) lists this book as a Level 2 publication, where ‘the highest-level publications are directed as a result of extensive competition and demanding peer-review’. For Intellect’s full listings in this catalogue, please click here.

Part of the ECREA series
Chapter titles
New Theories, Methods and Subjects (PB)
Natascha Just and Manuel Puppis (Editors)
'The depth of ... [the papers] scholarship is clearly apparent and demonstrated' – James Alleman, Communications & Strategies

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