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ConFiguring America
Iconic Figures, Visuality and the American Identity
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ISBN 9781841506357
Paperback pages
Published October 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe. LeBron James. They’re all American, of course, but like many cultural figures who hail from the United States, they have names and faces known the world over. ConFiguring America brings together a series of incisive essays that analyse a wide range of such figures: those who embody America’s tendency to produce celebrities and iconic personalities with global reach.

Drawing on theoretical insights from a variety of fields —including cultural iconography, visual culture, star studies, and history—a diverse group of international contributors sheds light on how these figures and their media representations construct America’s image beyond its borders. An important addition to an expanding field, ConFiguring America will deepen readers’ understanding of celebrity, iconography, and their worldwide implications

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