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From Stage to Screen and Back Again
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ISBN 9781841504902
Paperback 150 pages
Published December 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Despite the increasing popularity of academic filmmaking programs in the United States, some of contemporary America’s most exciting film directors have emerged from the theater world. Directors: From Stage to Screen and Back Again features a series of interviews with directors who have transitioned from work on stage productions to work in television and on full-length features. Taken together, these interviews demonstrate the myriad ways in which a theater background can engender innovative and stimulating work in film.

As unique and idiosyncratic as the personalities they feature, the directors’ conversations with Susan Beth Lehman range over a vast field of topics. Each one traces its subject’s personal artistic journey and explores how he or she handled the challenge of moving from stage to screen. Combined with a foreword by Emmy Award–winning screenwriter Steve Brown, the directors’ collective knowledge and experience will be invaluable to scholars, aspiring filmmakers, theater aficionados, and film enthusiasts.

Chapter titles
Good Story, Well Told
Brief History of the Modern Director
Chapter 1: Paul Aaron, August 2010
Chapter 2: Gilbert Cates, October 2010
Chapter 3: Judy Chaikin, October 2011
Chapter 4: Lenore Dekoven, August 2010
Chapter 5: Gordon Hunt, June 2010
Chapter 6: Neil LaBute, August 2011
Chapter 7: Rob Marshall, June 2011
Chapter 8: Jiri Menzel, July 2011
Chapter 9: Oz Scott, May 2010
Chapter 10: Matt Shakman, September 2010
Chapter 11: Jerry Zaks, April 2011
Chapter 12: Joel Zwick, July 2010
'Informative and entertaining' – Flickering Myth, Trevor Hogg

'An inspirational read for every director and every lover of the dramatic arts. The “conversations” give an indispensable insight into the minds of some of the great directors of our time. I learned things that I can’t wait to apply to my craft.' – Sal Romeo, artistic director of Friends and Artists Studio

'A superb introduction to some of the top directors of our time. Susan Lehman’s book is a collection of truly engaging dialogues with twelve of today’s most successful directors from stage and screen.' – Guy Gunderson, Emmy award-winning editor

'An enjoyable read for film and theater fans and should be required reading for students. I thoroughly enjoyed it.' – Richard Ruggiero Ed.D, Professor Emeritus, California State University at Northridge

'A must for every actor – to hear and learn first hand from a spectacular group of directors sharing their approach to working on and off set, shattering all misconceptions and empowering actors as to what to really expect when the Big Break comes!' – John Kirby, premier Hollywood acting coach

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