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Artist, Researcher, Teacher
A Study of Professional Identity in Art and Education
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ISBN 9781841506449
Paperback 96 pages
Published November 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Challenging conventional wisdom about specialization and professional identity, Alan Thornton shows that many individuals have complex, varied, and evolving relationships with visual art – relationships that do not fit into any single category. Against the backdrop of an expanding research culture and current employment models in the United States and the United Kingdom – where many artists also work as teachers – he argues for the necessity of a theory that both reflects and influences practice in the realm of art and art-related work. By elucidating our current situation, Artist, Researcher, Teacher opens the door to much-needed new approaches, and provides fresh insights for those interested in identity formation and professional roles and practices. 

'Thornton provides a clear introduction for someone just beginning to make sense of the areas of art, teaching and research and their interrelationships' – International Journal of Education through Art, Katrine Hjelde

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