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The City is Me
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ISBN 9781841506395
Paperback 240 pages
Published September 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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The result of extensive research about our notions of the city and the person throughout time, The City is Me explores the technology, research findings, and new ideas that have made it impossible to sustain conceptions of the city that are based on the criterion of a boundary. Showing how this shift mirrors the decentralization and fragmentation of personal identity in a globalized world, Rosane Araujo confronts the challenge of rethinking urbanism in a way that corresponds to the risk and uncertainty – but also to the possibilities – of today’s cities.
The City is Me proposes an intriguing new approach to the understanding of the relationship between the city and personal identity.

'Overall, The City is Me traces many of the important developments and theories that are contributing to the formation of “smart” cities connected and wired through sophisticated software and user interfaces. […] It provides a clear and coherent introduction to the theorists and ideas that have both helped make and interpret the changes that people and cities have undergone in the last seventy years.' – David Christopher Jackson, Topias

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