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The Social Use of Media
Cultural and Social Scientific Perspectives on Audience Research
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ISBN 9781841505121
Paperback 202 pages
Published September 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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This collection of essays provides an overview of research on the social uses of media. Drawing on long traditions in both cultural studies and the social sciences, it brings together competing research approaches usually discussed separately. The topics include up-to date research on activity and interactivity, media use as a social and cultural practice, and participation in a cultural, political, and technological sense. This volume presents visions of current audience and reception studies and makes a significant contribution to the development of interdisciplinary approaches to audience and user studies.

To read the full review in International Journal of Digital Television click here to download the pdf.

Publication Forum (Finland) lists this book as a Level 2 publication, where ‘the highest-level publications are directed as a result of extensive competition and demanding peer-review’.
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Part of the ECREA series
Chapter titles
Helena Bilandzic, Geoff roy Patriarche and Paul J. Traudt
Chapter 1: Mode of Action Perspective to Engagements with Social Media: Articulating Activities on the Public Platforms of Wikipedia and YouTube
Seija Ridell
Chapter 2: At the Crossroads of Hermeneutic Philosophy and Reception Studies: Understanding Patterns of Cross-Media Consumption
Tereza Pavlícková
Chapter 3: Cultivated Performances: What Cultivation Analysis Says about Media, Binge Drinking and Gender
Andy Ruddock
Chapter 4: Motivations to Participate in an Online Violent Gaming Community: Uses and Gratifi cations in an Ethnographic Approach
María T. Soto-Sanfiel
Chapter 5: Imagined Communities of Television Viewers: Reception Research on National and Ethnic Minority Audiences
Alexander Dhoest
Chapter 6: Exploring Media Ethnography: Pop Songs, Text Messages and Lessons in a British School
Caroline Dover
Chapter 7: Film Audiences in Perspective: The Social Practices of Cinema-Going
Philippe Meers and Daniel Biltereyst
Chapter 8: Talking Recipients: An Integrative Model of Socio-Emotional Meta-Appraisal (SEMA) in Conversations about Media Content
Katrin Döveling and Denise Sommer
Chapter 9: Parasocial Relationships: Current Directions in Theory and Method
David Giles
Chapter 10: From Semiotic Resistance to Civic Agency: Viewing Citizenship through the Lens of Reception Research 1973–2010
Kim Christian Schrøder
Chapter 11: For and against Participation: A Hermeneutical Approach to Participation in the Media
Lars Nyre and Brian O’Neill
Chapter 12: Using the Domestication Approach for the Analysis of Diff usion and Participation Processes of New Media
Corinna Peil and Jutta Röser
Chapter 13: Creating, Sharing, Interacting: Fandom in the Age of Digital Convergence and Globalized Television
Mélanie Bourdaa and Seok-Kyeong Hong-Mercier
Conclusion: Exciting Moments in Audience Research: Past, Present and Future
Sonia Livingstone
'It aptly covers the diversity in contemporary audience research, gathering contributions on various types of media practices, drawing upon multi-disciplinary frames and insights, both on the theoretical and empirical level. As such, a thought-provoking balance between new-fangled topics and historical reflections are united and adequately addressed. Hence, it is a recommended reading for all of us who intend to keep a finger on the pulse of audience research.' – International Journal of Digital Television, Cédric Courtois

'An exemplary study of the approach to audience studies.' – MedieKultur, Ana Jorge

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