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Theatre and Performance in Small Nations
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ISBN 9781841506463
Paperback 180 pages
Published December 2012
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Steve Blandford
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Arguing that the cultures of small nations offer vital insights into the way people relate to national identity in a globalized world, Theatre and Performance in Small Nations features an array of case studies that examine the relationships between theater, performance, identity, and the nation. These contributions cover a wide range of national contexts, including small “stateless” nations such as Catalonia, Scotland, and Wales; First Nations such as indigenous Australia and the Latino United States; and geographically enormous nations whose relationships to powerful neighbors radically affect their sense of cultural autonomy.

Chapter titles
Steve Blandford
Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location: Plays and Realities: Living Between the Pre-modern and the Postmodern in Irish Theatre
Cathy Leeney
Chapter 2: Processes and Interactive Events: Theatre and Scottish Devolution
Ian Brown
Chapter 3: Theatre and Performance in a Devolved Wales
Steve Blandford
Chapter 4: Contemporary Catalan Theatre and Identity: The Haunted Mirrors of Catalan Directors’ Shakespeares
Helena Buffery
Chapter 5: Tales from the Wild East
Goran Stefanovski
Chapter 6: A National Theatre in New Zealand? Why/Not?
Sharon Mazer
Chapter 7: Between Pride and Shame: A Dialogic Consideration of Honour Bound and Reconciliation! What’s the Story? in Pursuit of an Australian National Identity
Rea Dennis
Chapter 8: Under the Radar: Latin@/Hispanic Theatre in North Texas
Teresa Marrero
Chapter 9: Challenging Racial Categorisation Through Theatre: English-language Theatre in Malaysia
Susan Philip
Chapter 10: From Springtime Erotics to Micro-nationalism: Altering Landscapes and Sentiments of the Assamese Bihu dance in North-east India
Aparna Sharma
'This book provides an extremely comprehensive and diverse discussion about theatre and performance in small nations ... it is helpful and most of all fascinating first step into this topic.' – Alecs Rees, Theatre in Wales

'This edited collection is timely and shares an interesting and diverse range of voices ... [it] expands the debate on theatre and performance in small nations' – Scottish Journal of Performance, Anna Birch

'A complete work which has something new and relevant to contribute to the debate.' – Studies in Theatre and Performance, Robson Jack

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