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Resetting the Stage
Public Theatre Between the Market and Democracy
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ISBN 9781841505473
Paperback 176 pages
Published September 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Commercial theatre is thriving across Europe and the UK, while public theatre has suffered under changing patterns of cultural consumption—as well as sharp reductions in government subsidies for the arts. At a time when the rationale behind these subsidies is being widely reexamined, it has never been more important for public theatre to demonstrate its continued merit. In Resetting the Stage, Dragan Klaic argues convincingly that, in an increasingly crowded market of cultural goods, public theatre is best served not by imitating its much larger commercial counterpart, but by asserting its artistic distinctiveness and the considerable benefit this confers on the public.

Click here to download a pdf of the review of Resetting the Stage from etcetera (in Dutch)

Click here and here to download the pdfs of texts on Resetting the Stage from Teatr (in Polish).

To read the full review in Studies in Theatre and Performance click here to download the pdf.

'All of his knowledge and research was channelled in a living reality, and presented in the context of world theatre as a whole.' – Michael Coveney, What's On Stage

'I can think of no one else who could cover so much ground, impart so much experienced wisdom and make so many sensible proposals for the future of the art form we love. Read Dragan Klaic’s book, and read it soon.' – The Stage- Ian Herbert

''Resetting the Stage' offers an important, if (perhaps necessarily) unfinished rejoinder to a situation in need of urgent and widespread attention' – Studies in Theatre and Performance, Sam Haddow

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