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Why Would Anyone Wear That?
Fascinating Fashion Facts
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ISBN 9781841507279
Paperback 84 pages
Published November 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Examine extreme fashions across time and place in this beautifully illustrated and specialized costume history book, Why Would Anyone Wear That? Fascinating Fashion Facts. Discover dozens of the most restrictive and inconvenient fashions and some of the most liberating and functional clothing items. Costume history abounds with unusual and bizarre fashion stories and this book provides opportunities to explore a select group of historic styles in a fun, uncomplicated, and educational way. You’ll learn the 'what' and 'why' of extreme styles of clothing and accessories, from high-pointed hats called hennins to towering platform shoes called chopines.
Decide for yourself if these fashion extremes are frivolous and meaningless, or a reflection of the social and psychological aspects of the culture that made them popular. After reading Why Would Anyone Wear That? Fascinating Fashion Facts, you will want to conduct your own research to learn more about fashions from world history.

Chapter titles
“Why Would Anyone Wear That?
Fascinating Fashions
Hennins • Mad as a Hatter • Feathered Hats • Cowboy Hats • Powdering • Scented Cones • Ruffs • The Hope Diamond • The Koh-i-Noor Diamond • Giraffe Women • Muslin Fever • Burqas • Zoot Suits and Teddy Boys • Leisure Suits • Breast Binding • Flea Furs • Corsets • Caged Crinolines • Bustles • Chastity Belts • Bloomers • Pumpkin Breeches • Hobble Skirts • Poison Rings • Codpiece • Parti-colored Hosiery • Chinese Lily Feet • Poulaines or Cracows • Chopines and Pattens • Running Shoes • Disposable Fashions
Interpreting and Predicting Fashion
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