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Crossing the Street in Hanoi
Teaching and Learning About Vietnam
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ISBN 9781841507354
Paperback 272 pages
Published August 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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This is a study of media and cultural artifacts that constitute the remembrance of a tragic war as reflected in the stories of eight people who lived it. Using memoir, history, and criticism, Crossing the Street in Hanoi is based on scholarly research, teaching, and writing as well as extensive personal journals, interviews, and exclusive primary source material. Each chapter uses a human story to frame an exploration in media and cultural criticism. What weaves these different threads together are the stories of the Vietnam War and the long shadow it casts over American and Vietnamese cultures.

Chapter titles
by William Logan
Chapter 1:
The War That Won’t Die
Chapter 2:
Hoa Lo Prison Museum: “The Fury Burning Within”
Chapter 3:
Bac Ho: “Casting Pearls before Swine”
Chapter 4:
Life on Vietnam: “A Glory Preserved in a Wilderness Valley”
Chapter 5:
Reading Graham Greene: A Promise to the Dead
Chapter 6:
Vietnam Love Songs: “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet”
Chapter 7:
Reinventing Rambo: Flooding with Love for the Kid
Chapter 8:
Murder on May 4th: The Case of the Missing Mob
Chapter 9:
Long Bien Story: Giving and Taking Away (with Douglas Jardine)
A Note on Theory
'Wilder performs a magic trick by both charming a reader with her evocations of today's vibrant Vietnam and jarring us with the torments of what she calls "the undead war"' – Peter Davis, Academy Award-winning director of 'Hearts and Minds'

'With thousands of books in print on the Vietnam War, is there anything new to say? Readers of 'Crossing the Street in Hanoi' will readily agree that there is. Carol Wilder's remarkable journey - a mix of sometime painful memoir, astute literature and film criticism, and illuminating oral histories of Vietnamese and American veterans - makes the connection between the American War in Vietnam and the Vietnam War in America as lucid as any book I have read.' – Thomas M. Grace, author, 'Kent State: Death and Dissent during the Long Sixties'

'What a delight it is to read Carol Wilder's perceptive book on Hanoi. Her aim is to put a human face on what was an inhuman experience and she succeeds wonderfully... She is to be congratulated for achieving such a fine balancing act, effectively getting her to the other side of the street. I hope readers will enjoy Carol Wilder's book as much as I did.' – William Logan, author, 'Hanoi: Biography of a City', Alfred Deakin Professor and UNESCO Chair of Heritage and Urbanism

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