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Broadcasting Diversity
Migrant Representation in Irish Radio
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ISBN 9781841506500
Hardback 186 pages
Published December 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Broadcasting Diversity explores modes of migrant representation and participation in Irish radio, focusing on the national public broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann and Dublin community stations and examining the opportunities provided for voicing migrant experience in transcultural program production. Investigating the intersection between an established Irish culture on the one hand and the nascent emergence of a transnational culture on the other, this book focuses on the ways in which migrant representation and self- representation have been variously effected in the Irish public sphere via the medium of radio.

 To read the full review in Communication Booknotes Quarterly click here to download the pdf.

Chapter titles
Exploring ‘Diversity’ in Irish Radio
Chapter 1:
‘Validating Difference’: Representing Diversity across Broadcasting Policy
Chapter 2:
Representing Diversity on RTÉ Radio: Multiculturalism’s Limitations
Chapter 3:
Discourses of Difference and Cultural Relativism: Multiculturalism’s Compromises
Chapter 4:
Facilitating Migrant-Produced Programming
Chapter 5:
Migrant Production and the Accented Voice
'Explores modes of migrant representation and participation, focusing on the Irish national public broadcaster' – Communication Booknotes Quarterly, Chris Sterling

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