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Images & Identity
Educating Citizenship through Visual Arts
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ISBN 9781841507422
Paperback 280 pages
Published November 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Highlighting the ways that digital media can be used in interdisciplinary curricula, Images & Identity brings together ideas from art and citizenship teachers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the UK on producing online curriculum materials. This book offers a practical strategy for ways that these different subjects can be taught. The first part of the book explores issues of art and citizenship education within a European context, while the second part contains case studies of curriculum experiments that can be applied to global classrooms. It will be of great interest to students and teachers of art and citizenship education.

Chapter titles
Liam Gearon and Concepción Naval
Images and Identity: Improving Citizenship Education through Digital Art Rachel Mason
Part I: Reflective Chapters
Chapter 1: Learning to Speak as a Listener: Teaching European Citizen Identity through Art
Gary Granville and Mary Richardson
Chapter 2: Identity and Artistic Education
Carl-Peter Buschkühle
Chapter 3: Errant Identities in Contemporary Art Education
Raphael Vella
Chapter 4: Zde Jsem: What Is My Situation? Identity, Community, Art and Social Change
Marie Fulkova and Teresa Tipton
Chapter 5: The Role of Talk in Image-based Learning
Fiona M. Collins and Susan Ogier
Chapter 6: Action Research and Interdisciplinary Curriculum Planning
Anabela Moura
Chapter 7: North–South Exchange: Student Art Teachers’ Visualisations of National Identity
Dervil Jordan and Jackie Lambe
Chapter 8: Tool, Medium and Content: Digital Media and the Images and Identity Project
Marc Fritzsche
Part II: Case Studies of Classroom research
Chapter 9: Family and Citizenship: Case Study by Portugal
Anabela Moura and Cristiana Sá
Chapter 10: Greetings from Europe: Case Study by Ireland
Aoife Keogh
Chapter 11: Identifying with European People and Places: Case Study by England
Susan Ogier
Chapter 12: Mapping Identity: Case Study by the Czech Republic
Lucie Hajdušková
Chapter 13: Freedom and Identity: Case Study by Germany
Carl-Peter Buschkühle
Chapter 14: Personal and Community Identities: Case Study by Malta
Olivianne Farrugia
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