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Berlin School Glossary
An ABC of the New Wave in German Cinema
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ISBN 9781841505763
Paperback 262 pages
230x174 mm
Published August 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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www.cineaste.comBerlin School Glossary is the first major publication to mark the increasing international importance of a group of contemporary German and Austrian filmmakers initially known as the Berlin School: Christian Petzold, Thomas Arslan, Christoph Hochhäusler, Jessica Hausner, and others. The study elaborates on the innovative strategies and formal techniques that distinguish these films, specifically questions of movement, space, spectatorship, representation, desire, location, and narrative. Abandoning the usual format of essaylength analyses of individual films and directors, the volume is organized as an actual glossary with entries such as bad sex, cars, the cut, endings, familiar places, forests, ghosts, hotels, interiority, landscapes, siblings, surveillance, swimming pools, and wind. This unique format combined with an informative introduction will be essential to scholars and fans of the German New Wave.

''The Berlin School Glossary' is a remarkable achievement for how the volume manages to create a conversation among Berlin School films, directors, and film scholars- one that invites others to continue the conversation.' – Cineaste,, Christina Gerhardt

'This noteworthy volume introduces readers to the contemporary German art film movement known as the Berlin School via 33 brief essays on places, themes, and formal tropes that distinguish the movement's films … Its intriguing format and unique range of topics will also appeal to film studies scholars. Summing Up: Highly recommended.' – CHOICE

'This volume brings together established and emerging scholars of German-language cinema to present an illuminating overview of the Berlin School as German-language cinema’s new New Wave. The essays that make up this glossary echo in their suggestive eloquence the Berlin School’s aesthetics of the tentative, the quietly observational, and the concrete everyday. An essential read for all those interested in German-language film’s contribution to world cinema today. ' – Erica Carter, Professor of German and Film, King’s College London

'The strength of this volume’s structure is its flexibility and openness. The irreverence of its methodology is very welcome because it mirrors the impulses of the Berlin School itself. Cineastes should love this book.' – John Davidson, author of Deterritorializing the New German Cinema

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