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Black Swan Lake
Life of a Wetland
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ISBN 9781841507040
Paperback 208 pages
230x174 mm
Published March 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Rod Giblett came to live by Forrestdale Lake in southwestern Australia in 1986. Based in part on a nature journal he kept for several years, Black Swan Lake traces the life of the plants and animals of the surrounding area through the seasons. Presenting a wetlands calendar that charts the yearly cycle of the rising, falling, and drying waters of this internationally significant wetland, this book is a modern-day Walden. The first book to provide a cultural and natural history of this place - taking into account the indigenous people’s concept of the seasons (six instead of four) - Black Swan Lake will be enjoyed by conservationists, as well as others seeking connection with place, plants, and animals in their own bioregion.

Chapter titles
PART I: Wetlands calendar
Chapter 1: For a few years
Chapter 2: Rising waters (August/Djilba/late winter)
Chapter 3: Other place (September/Djilba/early spring)
Chapter 4: Other life (October/Kambarang/mid-spring)
Chapter 5: Wetland world (November/Kambarang/late spring)
Chapter 6: Drying up (December/Birak/early summer)
Chapter 7: Dry as a rule (January–February/Birak–Bunuru/mid-, late summer)
Chapter 8: Still water (March/Bunuru/early autumn)
Chapter 9: Big puddle (April/Djeran/mid-autumn)
Chapter 10: Water’s back (June/Makuru/early winter)
Chapter 11: Birds are back (July/Makuru/mid-winter)
PART II: The downflow
Chapter 12: The ballad of black swan lake: Homage to Henry David James
Chapter 13: The black swan: Homage to hoax writers
Chapter 14: The blackness of the black swan: Homage to Herman Melville
Chapter 15: Black swamp city: Homage to Hugh Webb
Chapter 16: The body of the earth and the body of Australia: Homage to the human body
Chapter 17: The way of water: Homage to Master Moy Lin-Shin
Chapter 18: The seasons: Homage to Henry David Thoreau
Chapter 19: The black arts of sublime technologies: Homage to Henry Adams
Chapter 20: People and place of the whistling kite: Homage to Haliastursphenurus
Chapter 21: Living black waters: Homage to horrifying marsh monsters
Chapter 22: Living with the earth: Homage to home-habitat
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