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Transnational Ecocinema
Film Culture in an Era of Ecological Transformation
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ISBN 9781841507293
Paperback 216 pages
230x174 mm
Published May 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Until recently, discussion of Hollywood film has dominated much of the contemporary dialogue on ecocriticism and the cinema. With Transnational Ecocinema, the editors open up the critical debate to look at a larger variety of films from many different countries and cultures. By foregrounding these films with their economic and political contexts, the contributors offer a more comprehensive and nuanced look at the role of place in ecocinema. The essays also interrogate proposed global solutions to environmental issues by presenting an ecocritical perspective on different film and cultural considerations from around the globe.

To read the full review in Media International Australia click here to download the pdf. 

Chapter titles
PART I: Introduction to Transnational Ecocinema
Introduction: Transnational Ecocinema in an age of Ecological Transformation
Pietari Kääpä and Tommy Gustafsson
Transnational Approaches to Ecocinema: Charting an Expansive Field
Pietari Kääpä
PART II: Documentary Politics and the Ecological Imagination
Colourful Screens: Water Imaginaries in Documentaries from China and Taiwan
Enoch Yee-Lok Tam
From My Fancy High Heels to Useless Clothing: ‘Interconnectedness’ and Ecocritical Issues in Transnational Documentaries
Kiu-wai Chu
Ecocinema and ‘Good Life’ in Latin America
Roberto Forns-Broggi
Dimensions of Humanity in Earthlings (2005) and Encounters at the End of the World (2007)
Ilda Teresa de Castro
PART III: Popular Film and Ecology
China Has a Natural Environment, Too!: Consumerist and Ideological Ecoimaginaries in the Cinema of Feng Xiaogang
Corrado Neri
And the Oscar Goes to … Ecoheroines, Ecoheros and the Development of Ecothemes from The China Syndrome (1979) to GasLand (2010)
Tommy Gustafsson
PART IV: (In)Sustainable Footprint Of Cinema
Climate Change Films: Fear and Agency Appeals
Inês Crespo and Ângela Pereira
Envisaging Environmental Change: Foregrounding Place in Three Australian Ecomedia Initiatives
Susan Ward and Rebecca Coyle
Afterword—Towards a Transnational Understanding of the Anthropocene
Tommy Gustafsson and Pietari Kääpä
'Tommy Gustafsson and Pietari Kääpä’s edited collection of essays is at the forefront of critical concerns.' – Media International Australia, Corderoy, E. L.

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