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Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan
iProbes and Hipstamatic iPhone photographs by Rita Leistner
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ISBN 9781783200306
Paperback 144 pages
220 x 220mm
Published November 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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In this timely and highly original merging of theory and practice, conflict photographer and critical theorist Rita Leistner applies Marshall McLuhan’s semiotic theories of language, media and technology to iPhone photographs taken during a military embed in Afghanistan. Leistner was embedded for three weeks with the United States Marine Corps. When she returned to Canada in March 2011 she had an iPhone full of photographs and a preoccupation with the on-going chaos in Afghanistan. She was particularly concerned with the inability of American and International Security Forces (ISAF), including Canada, to do much about it, despite having an astounding battery of technology at their fingertips. This volume applies McLuhan’s theories in an original context to original material. In an entertaining and accessible application of McLuhan’s work, through a series of what Leistner calls iProbes—a portmanteau of iPhone and probe— the author reveals the face of war through the extensions of man.



Chapter titles
Foreword: Hipstamatic Blues
by Julian Stallabrass
The Process
Smartphones + War in Afghanistan • Marshall McLuhan b.1911 in Alberta, Canada • The embed • Semiotics • Figure + Ground • Reading McLuhan • Musa Qala • The social media • River City • iPhone + the Hipstamatic app • The thingness of things • The iProbes • Prophylactive therapy
The Extensions of Man
Camera obscura • Electric light • Typewriter • Telephone • Phonograph • Smart phone
McLuhan + Fiore + The Printed Book
The iProbes
The Tetrads: Laws of Media
'This book is astonishing!' – The International Centre of Photography library blog, Deirdre Donohue

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