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Throwing the Body into the Fight
A Portrait of Raimund Hoghe
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ISBN 9781783200344
Paperback 140 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published June 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Mary Kate Connolly
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Throwing the Body into the Fight is the first English-language publication dedicated to the German choreographer Raimund Hoghe. Curated and edited by Mary Kate Connolly, the book operates as a collage, drawing together a variety of international voices to create a fragmented portrait of the artist. Lavishly illustrated with photographs by Rosa Frank, who has collaborated closely with Hoghe for two decades, this book will be welcomed by all who admire a man described by the New York Times – in its review of Hoghe’s 2012 ‘Pas de Deux’ with Japanese dancer Takashi Ueno – as ‘a lover of romance and beautiful things’.

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Editor’s Note
In Conversation
An Introduction to Raimund Hoghe by Mary Kate Connolly - Lettere Amorose: Lois Keidan - Raimund Hoghe’s Emblems of Absence by Gerald Siegmund
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Lettere Amorose: Finola Cronin - Luca Giacomo Schulte - Rosa Frank
In Conversation
Undone by Martin Hargreaves - Lettere Amorose: Philipp Gehmacher
In Conversation
Guerre et Paix by Laurent Goumarre - Young People, Old Voices
In Conversation
Lorenzo De Brabandere - Emmanuel Eggermont - Ornella Balestra - Lettere Amorose: Boris Charmatz
In Conversation
Stay a While: Raimund Hoghe’s Histories by Dominic Johnson - Lettere Amorose: Meryl Tankard
In Conversation
Lettere Amorose: Franko B
In Conversation
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