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Manifesto Now!
Instructions for Performance, Philosophy, Politics
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ISBN 9781783200054
Hardback 230 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published September 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Laura Cull and Will Daddario
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Manifesto Now! maps the current rebirth of the manifesto as it appears at the crossroads of philosophy, performance and politics. While the manifesto has been central to histories of modernity and modernism, the editors contend that its contemporary resurgence demands a renewed interrogation of its form, its content and its uses. Featuring contributions from trailblazing artists, scholars and activists currently working in the United States, the United Kingdom and Finland, this volume will be indispensible to scholars across the disciplines. Filled with examples of manifestos and critical thinking about manifestos, it contains a wide variety of critical methodologies that students can analyse, deconstruct and emulate.



Publication Forum (Finland) lists this book as a Level 2 publication, where ‘the highest-level publications are directed as a result of extensive competition and demanding peer-review’. For Intellect’s full listings in this catalogue, please click here.
Chapter titles
Manifesto Now! (Again!)
Laura Cull and Will Daddario
Absent Futures: The Ironic Manifesto in an Age of Austerity
Michael Shane Boyle
Duration and Space: The New Manifesto of Occupy Wall Street
Maurya Wickstrom and Stephanie Vella
Standing By Their Words: The Manifestos of the Freee Art Collective
Ken Wilder
Twenty-First-Century Political Art: The Freee Manifesto for Art & Twenty-First-Century Socialism
The Freee art collective
Manifesting A Star: An Essay in Two Directions
Lin Hixson
The Sense of the Manifest/o
Branislav Jakovljevic
What Is the University For? A Story from the Dreamtime of a Possible Future
Stuart McLean
Manifesto for Reification
Mary Overlie
[One Less] Manifesto for a Theatre of Immanence
Laura Cull
Sustenance: A Play for All Trans [ ] Borders
Electronic Disturbance Theatre and b.a.n.g. lab (Ricardo Dominguez, Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cárdenas, Amy Sara Carroll, and Elle Mehrmand)
Manifesting the Animal: Human-Animal Interactions in Contemporary Performance
Lourdes Orozco
Provisional Absolutes: The Second Manifesto for Generalized Anthropomorphism
Esa Kirkkopelto
'The collection is both timely and seriously engaged with time' – Johanna Linsley, Contemporary Theatre Review

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