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3D Cinema and Beyond
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ISBN 9781783200399
Hardback 234 pages
230 x 170
Published January 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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There has been an extraordinary revival of interest in 3D imagery in recent years, both among scholars and practitioners of visual media. This revival is often associated with a drive toward the technological development of Hollywood film. This book brings together essays that engage with mainstream entertainment, such as 3D cinema, as part of a larger context for examining this visual medium. From cinema and television to video games, the essays consider an “expanded field” of stereoscopic visual culture—one that is inclusive of phenomena outside of the conventional canons of film, and one that draws connections between present-day tendencies and 3D’s complex historical roots. Contributors explore a richly varied array of technological topics, historic instances, artistic strategies, and perceptual qualities of 3D cinema. Making such varied connections leads to a more critical understanding of the field, and may allow for qualitative judgments about the importance and relevance of stereoscopic visual culture, both past and present. This ground-breaking collection includes Sergei Eisenstein’s extraordinary 1947 essay “On Stereocinema” which has never before been translated into English in its entirety; a landmark address by Wim Wenders; and the last essay of 3D pioneer Ray Zone. 

Contributions by: Robert Allison, Ali Kazimi and Laurie Wilcox, Oliver Asselin and Louis Auger Gosselin, Ron Burnett, Owen Chapman and Alison Reiko Loader, Lance Duerfahrd, Sergei Eisenstein, Alla Gadassik, Leon Gurevitch and Miriam Ross, Barbara Klinger, David Harris Smith, Nicholas Wade, Haidee Wasson, Wim Wenders, Kenneth White, Ray Zone. 


'3D Cinema and Beyond takes the conversation a step further and forces us to consider the many ways it has impacted those who make films and those who study them. 7/10' – Pop Matters, Jon Lisi

'The first book of its kind to investigate 3D arts in its various forms, it will be admired for its rigor and accessibility by scholars across disciplines in the visual arts' – AufKurs88

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