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Fashion and Ethics
Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty, Volume II
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ISBN 9781783202133
Volume II
Paperback 272 pages
220 x 220 mm
Published January 2014
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Efrat Tseëlon
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Fashion and Ethics focuses on issues of power, social positioning, and practices among creators, producers, practitioners, wearers, and consumers of fashion. With a special emphasis on the moral fabric of clothing, contributors to the book offer a critique of some of the fundamental assumptions of ethical fashion and expose how products are often framed as fair trade in order to relieve consumers’ guilt.
With essays that problematize issues such as ethical fashion’s self-appointed morality, the first-world notion that the environment should take priority over human development, the conflict between business profit and ethics, the unintended agendas involved in consuming green cosmetics or ethical culinary trends, and the discursive strategies of denial of the extreme cruelty in the procurement of animal skin and fur for use in fashion, Fashion and Ethics applies its uncompromising scrutiny to all areas of fashion. Throughout, the volume forces readers to confront the question: Does ethical fashion go deep enough into challenging unethical behaviour or is it just a charade of good intentions?

To read the full review in Fashion Theory click here to download the pdf.

'The volume is instrumental in beginning to figure out what it means to cultivate an ethical response writ large when confronted with choices as consumers' – Insights (Parsons the New School for Design), Amie Zimmer

'Ethically conscientious designers and consumers need more journals like Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty, Volume 2, Issue 1–2. (This book is comprised of articles from the journal Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty, Volume 2)' – Fashion Theory, Anita Marosszèky

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