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Engaging with Reality
Documentary and Globalization
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ISBN 9781783201891
Paperback 288 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published February 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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As our world becomes more globalized, documentary film and television tell in­creasingly cosmopolitan stories of the world’s social, political, and cultural situation. Ib Bondebjerg examines how global challenges are reflected and represented in documentaries from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia after 2001. The documentaries discussed deal with the War on Terror, the globalization of politics, migration, the multicultural challenge, and climate change.

Engaging with Reality is framed by theories of globalization from a social, political, and cultural perspective and delves into the global development of a new media culture. It also touches on the emergence of new digital platforms and ways of producing and distributing documentary film and television. It will be essential reading for filmmakers and viewers looking to better understand the new transnational approach to modern media.

Chapter titles
Introduction: Documentary, contemporary society and media culture
PART I: Globalization, documentary film and television
Chapter 1: Globalization in a mediated world
Chapter 2: Sociology and aesthetics of documentary genres
Chapter 3: Engaging with and investigating reality: the social and political documentary
PART II: War, terror and democracy: the post-9/11 documentary
Chapter 4: Into the dark side: the politics of war
Chapter 5: On the battleground: reporting and representing war
Chapter 6: Behind the headlines: documentaries, war, terror and everyday life
PART III: A new global order: political, social and cultural challenges
Chapter 7: Politics and spin in a mediated world
Chapter 8: A multicultural world: migration, culture and everyday life
Chapter 9: Risk society: the environmental challenge
Conclusion: Cosmopolitan narratives: documentary in the new digital media culture
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