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Educating Film-Makers
Past, Present and Future
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ISBN 9781783201853
Paperback 184 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published May 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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A timely consideration of both the history and the current challenges facing practice-based film training, Educating Film-Makers is the first book to examine the history, impact, and significance of film  education  in Britain, Europe, and the United States. Film schools, the authors show, have historically focused on the cultivation of the film-maker as a cultural activist, artist, or intellectual – fostering creativity and innovation. But more recently a narrower approach has emerged, placing a new emphasis on technical training for the industry. The authors argue for a more imaginative engagement and understanding of the broader social importance of film and television, suggesting that critical analysis and production should be connected. Examining current concerns facing practice-based film education in the digital era, this book is indispensable for both film teachers and students alike. 
Table of Contents
Duncan Petrie and Rod Stoneman
Part one: The Development of Film Schools in Europe and North America
Duncan Petrie
Continental Film Schools: A Brief History of the 'National Conservatoire'
American University Film Schools: A Changing Relationship with Hollywood
Part two: British Film Schools
Duncan Petrie
The 'Official' State Institution: The National Film and Television School
The Private Institution: The London Film School
The Art School: The Royal College of Art
Beyond London: The Struggle for a Scottish Film School
Part three: Provocations
Rod Stoneman
The Culture Industry
The Academic and the Creative
The Ethics of the Sign
The Theories We Need
Digital Examination
Towards a Different Future
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