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Green Documentary
Environmental Documentary in the 21st Century
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ISBN 9781783201839
Paperback 184 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published April 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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During the first decade of the twenty-first century, a stunning array of documentary films focusing on environmental issues, representing the world on the brink of ecological catastrophe, has been met with critical and popular acclaim. This cohesive and accessible volume is the first book-length study of environmental documentary filmmaking, offering a coherent analysis of controversial and high-profile documentary films such as Gasland, An Inconvenient Truth, Manufactured Landscapes, and The Cove. With analysis that includes the wider context of environmental documentary filmmaking, such as Modern Life and Sleep Furiously, about local rural communities in Britain and Europe, Green Documentary also contributes to the ongoing debate on representing the crisis.


Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Introduction: Contemplation, Irony, Argument
Chapter 2: The Institutional Context
Chapter 3: The Contemplative Response
Chapter 4: The Ironic Response
Chapter 5: The Argumentative Response
Chapter 6: The Material Response
'Green Documentary offers a robust introduction to the evolving subfield of ecomedia and documentary cinema's place within it. Green Documentary is thus ideal for both undergraduates and scholars interested in the intersection of documentary cinema and ecological criticism.' – Rachel Webb Jekanowski, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment

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