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With Nature
Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy
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ISBN 9781841505732
Paperback 264 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published March 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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With Nature provides new ways to think about our relationship with nature in to- day’s technologically mediated culture. Warwick Mules makes original connections with German critical philosophy and French post-structuralism in order to examine the effects of technology on our interactions with the natural world. In so doing, the author proposes a new way of thinking about the eco-self in terms of a careful sharing of the world with both human and nonhuman beings. With Nature ultimately argues for a poetics of everyday life that affirms the place of the human-nature relation as a creative and productive site for ecological self-renewal and redirection.
To read the full review in Environmental History click here to download the pdf.
Chapter titles
Introduction: Wanted – A Nature Philosophy
Part I: The Things of Nature
Chapter 1: Nature Otherwise
Chapter 2: Saying Nature
Part II: Nature Philosophy
Chapter 3: Schelling after Kant
Chapter 4: Unground
Chapter 5: Positive Freedom
Chapter 6: Virtual Nature
Part III: Poetics
Chapter 7: Heidegger’s Thing
Chapter 8: Poetics: Benjamin and Celan
Part IV: Technology
Chapter 9: Benjamin: Collapsing Nature
Chapter 10: Nancy: Renaturing and Bio Art
Conclusion: Towards Ecopoetics
'With Nature contains numerous discussions of the work of Friedrich Schelling, Martin Heidegger, and Walter Benjamin that will stimulate philosophers with an interest in ontology' – Environmental History, Jonathan Allen

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