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Reverberations across Small-Scale British Theatre
Politics, Aesthetics and Forms
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ISBN 9781783202973
Hardback 250 pages
230 x 170 mm
Published December 2013
Imprint: Intellect
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Between 1960 and 2010, a new generation of British avant-garde theatre companies, directors, designers, and performers emerged. Some of these companies and individuals have endured to become part of theatre history while others have disappeared from the scene, mutated into new forms, or become part of the establishment. Reverberations across Small-Scale British Theatre at long last puts these small-scale British theatre companies and personalities in the scholarly spotlight. By questioning what 'Britishness' meant in relation to the small-scale work of these practitioners, contributors articulate how it is reflected in the goals, manifestos, and aesthetics of these companies.

Chapter titles
Setting the Scene: Introducing Reverberations
Patrick Duggan and Victor Ukaegbu
Chapter 1: Foco Novo: The Icarus of British Small-Scale Touring Theatre
Graham Saunders
Chapter 2: Insider Knowledge: The Evolution of Belfast’s Tinderbox Theatre Company
David Grant
Chapter 3: Volcano: A Post-Punk Physical Theatre
Gareth Somers
Chapter 4: Tiata Fahodzi: Second-Generation Africans in British Theatre
Ekua Ekumah
Chapter 5: Keeping It Together: Talawa Theatre Company, Britishness, Aesthetics of Scale and Mainstreaming the Black-British Experience
Kene Igweonu
Chapter 6: Agitation and Entertainment: Rod Dixon and Red Ladder Theatre Company
Tony Gardner
Chapter 7: Intercultural to Cross-Cultural Theatre: Tara Arts and the Development of British Asian Theatre
Victor Ukaegbu
Chapter 8: Kind Acts: Lone Twin Theatre
Eirini Kartsaki
Chapter 9: Political Theatre ‘without Finger-Wagging’: On the Paper Birds and Integrative Aesthetics
Patrick Duggan
Chapter 10: ‘Angels and Modern Myth’: Grid Iron and the New Scottish Theatre
Trish Reid
Chapter 11: Acts of Poiesis: salamanda tandem
Mick Wallis and Isabel Jones
Franc Chamberlain
'This rich, fascinating text will hopefully inspire debate within the academy, and provide valuable insight into a wide range of companies as Britishness reaches a crossroads.' – Scottish Journal of Performance, Ben Fletcher-Watson

'There is no other collection about British theatre companies like this: one that embraces smallness, employs its postcolonial approach so deftly to subjects both racially marked and unmarked and which treats company histories in such nuanced, concrete ways.' – Sara Freeman, Contemporary Theatre Review

'This book, then, is a valuable resource for academics and students alike, because it generously throws open methodological and archival questions, provides information about the working practices of a range of innovative companies (linked, perhaps, by their demonstrations of resistance, resilience and creativity) and works to pose critical questions about the theatre ecology of Britain over the past 30 years. ' – Rachel Clements, Studies in Theatre and Performance

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