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Design for Business
Volume 2
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ISBN 9781783203765
Volume 2
Paperback 200 pages
220 x 220
Published June 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Gjoko Muratovski
One of very few books to bring together business and design, this collection features essays sourced from the Design for Business: Research conference presented by agideas, on topics ranging from branding and sustainability to business-driven design education. The centerpiece of Design for Business is an essay on simplicity in design by Per Mollerup, a distinguished Scandinavian designer, professor, and author. Bolstering this are transcripts of two interviews with the former global art director for Nike for the 2012 London Olympics, paired with a paper on Nike’s design and marketing strategies for the Olympic Games.
Other features in Design for Business include a transcript of an interview with Dan Formosa, a New York–based design consultant, design researcher, and founding member of the iconic Smart Design studio; an essay on the importance of a research-led design practice in typography; a consideration of color and brand identity; an essay on packaging design testing methods; a study of greenwashing, sustainability, and communication design; a case study on organizational management by design; an essay on strategic decision-making in new product development; research on how Australian businesses are hiring designers; and an exciting case study on the design partnership between the hearing aid company BHS and the design studio Designworks that have developed a new and innovative design solution for the healthcare sector.
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