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Fashion as Masquerade
Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty
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ISBN 9781783203673
Volume 3
Paperback 230 pages
220 x 220
Published September 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty focuses on issues of power, social positioning, ideologies, and practices within the web of relationships between creators, producers, practitioners, and end-users of fashion.
Masking has a rich history but it is also a metaphor for fashion itself. Fashion is a mask that constructs or subverts meanings. Exploring the contemporary meanings of masks, masking, and masquerade, essays here consider masking in its various forms as a conscious or unconscious form of behaviour. Masking is revealed as a strategy for reclaiming control over the construction of meanings, and creating a space for resistance that is independent of either social prescriptions or the controlling gaze.
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