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Representations of Working in Arts Education
Stories of Learning and Teaching
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ISBN 9781783201877
Hardback 185 pages
230 x 170
Published November 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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Arts education provides students with opportunities to build knowledge and skills in self-expression, imagination, creative and collaborative problem solving, and creation of shared meanings. Engagement in arts education has also been said to positively affect overall academic achievement and development of empathy towards others. This book provides key insights from stakeholders across the teaching and learning spectrum and offers examples of pedagogical practice to those interested in facilitating arts education.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Listening to Stories: A Framework and Introduction to Why It Is Important to Really Hear What Happens in Arts Education
Narelle Lemon, Susanne Garvis and Christopher Klopper
Chapter 2: The Lived Experience: Finding Joy Through Working in the Arts
Christopher Klopper
Chapter 3: Twitter for Arts Community Collaborations and Networking: Social Impact of Fostering Partnerships
Narelle Lemon
Chapter 4: Building Capacity and Confidence Through Arts-Based Learning Experiences: A Whole-School Approach
Christopher Klopper
Chapter 5: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed but Not Blue: The Educational Impact of the Arts
Susanne Garvis and Christopher Klopper
Chapter 6: ‘Whose Art Is It – Mine, Yours or Ours?’: Exploring Ethical Impact
Susanne Garvis
Chapter 7: Money Makes the World Go Round: The Economic Impact of Arts in Education
Susanne Garvis
Chapter 8: Innovative Partnerships: Opportunities to Create, Make, Explore and Respond in the Arts
Narelle Lemon and Susanne Garvis
Chapter 9: Transforming Pedagogy from Listening to Young People’s Voices: Catalytic Impact on a Gallery
Narelle Lemon
Chapter 10: Pitfalls and Speed Bumps of Being an Arts Educator: Risk and Negative Loss Impact
Narelle Lemon and Susanne Garvis
Chapter 11: Conclusion: Parallels, Overlaps and Potholes in Sharing Stories: ‘Which Way From Here?’
Narelle Lemon, Susanne Garvis and Christopher Klopper
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