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(Re)viewing Creative, Critical and Commercial Practices in Contemporary Spanish Cinema
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ISBN 9781783204069
Hardback pages
230 x 170
Published December 2014
Imprint: Intellect
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Formulated around a number of key thematic concerns - including new creative trends; the politics and practices of memory; auteurship, genre, and stardom in a transnational age - this reassessment of contemporary Spanish cinema from 1992 to 2012 brings leading academics from a broad range of disciplinary and geographical backgrounds into dialogue with critically and commercially successful practitioners to suggest the need to redefine the parameters of one of the world’s most creative national cinemas. This volume will appeal not only to students and scholars of Spanish films, but also to anyone with an interest in contemporary world cinema.
Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Introduction: How and Why This Book Came into Being
Fernando Canet and Duncan Wheeler
Chapter 2: Spanish Films, 1992–2012: Two Decades of Cinematic Production and Critical Discourse
Duncan Wheeler
Chapter 3: From the Past to the Present: Contemporising Trends that Define Spanish Cinema
Fernando Canet
Part 1: Sense and Sensibility: New Forms of Being and Seeing in Recent Spanish Cinema Section introduction
Duncan Wheeler
Chapter 4: Back to Africa? Colonial History and Postcolonial Dynamics in Recent Spanish Cinema
Alberto Elena
Chapter 5: The New Ethos of Gay Culture and the Limits of Normalization
Helio San Miguel
Chapter 6: Behind the Enigma Construct: A Certain Trend in Spanish Cinema
Javier Moral
Chapter 7: Reproduction and Rhetorical Processes in the Construction of Reality: En Construcción and La leyenda del tiempo as Case Studies
Fernando Canet
Chapter 8: Sex, Art and Commerce: Penélope Cruz and Isabel Coixet Tackle Philip Roth in Elegy
Chapter 18: Sex, Art and Commerce: Penélope Cruz and Isabel Coixet Tackle Philip Roth in Elegy
Chapter 9: Deadly Hybridity: Sexykiller, the Female Serial Killer and the New Spanish Horror Film
Shelagh Rowan-Legg
Chapter 10: Flexing Generic Boundaries: Torrente, [REC] and Adolescent Cinema in Spain
Agustín Rico-Albero
Chapter 11: The Torrente Tetralogy: A Homegrown Saga 335
Lidia Merás
Chapter 12: Hybrid Models: Auteurism and Genre in Contemporary Spanish Crime Thrillers
Carmen Herrero
Chapter 13: Planet 51 and Spanish Animation: The Risks and Attractions of Globalization 365
Maria Soler Campillo, Marta Martín Núñez and Javier Marzal Felici
Coda: Backstage Pass – Engaging with Practitioners and Cinematic Institutions
Luis Miñarro
Chapter 15: How to Make Commercial Films Now
Mercedes Gamero and Duncan Wheeler
Chapter 16: San Sebastián: A Film Festival of Contrasts
Mar Diestro-Dópido
Chapter 17: The Art Director as Architect: The Reconstruction of Deconstructed Memories
Sandra Martorell
Chapter 18: The Films of Isaki Lacuesta: Hidden Portraits, Multiple Lives
Linda C. Ehrlich
Chapter 19: Color perro que huye: An Audio-visual Prosumer versus the Institutional Cinematic Model
Elena López Riera
Chapter 20: New Tendencies in Contemporary Cinema: Round Table Discussion with José Luis Guerin, Isaki Lacuesta and Luis Miñarro
Fernando Canet and Duncan Wheeler
'The tome is a must-read for all scholars and serious students of contemporary Spanish cinema.' – Dennis West, Hispania

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