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The Culture of Photography in Public Space
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ISBN 9781783204595
Paperback 200 pages
220 x 220
Published May 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Anne Marsh and Melissa Miles and Daniel Palmer
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From privacy concerns regarding Google Street View to surveillance photography’s association with terrorism and sexual predators, photography as an art has become complex terrain upon which anxieties about public space have been played out. Yet the photographic threat is not limited to the image alone. A range of social, technological, and political issues converge in these rising anxieties and affect the practice, circulation, and consumption of contemporary public photography today. The Culture of Photography in Public Space collects essays and photographs that offer a new response to these restrictions, the events, and the anxieties that give rise to them.
Anne Marsh is a professional research fellow at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Melissa Miles is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and photography historian, and Daniel Palmer is associate dean of graduate research and a senior lecturer in art, design, and architecture at Monash University.
Chapter titles
Alfredo Cramerotti
Melissa Miles
Chapter 1: Standing on Shifting Ground: Privacy and Photography in Public
Melissa Miles
Chapter 2: Tilt
Simon Terrill
Chapter 3: “No Credible Photographic Interest”: Photography Restrictions and Surveillance in a Time of Terror
Daniel Palmer and Jessica Whyte
Chapter 4: Street View/Interface
Michael Wolf
Chapter 5: Bill Henson and the Polemics of the Nude Child in Photography
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Anne Marsh
Chapter 6: The Sleeper and Trafalgar Square
Cherine Fahd
Chapter 7: Criminalizing “Camera Fiends”: Photography Restrictions in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Jessica Whyte
Chapter 8: In the Event of Amnesia the City will Recall
Denis Beaubois
Chapter 9: The Face in Digital Space
Martyn Jolly
Chapter 10: From Sixteen Google Street Views
Jon Rafman
Chapter 11: Google Street View and Photography in Public Space
Daniel Palmer
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