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Ivar Kreuger and Jeanne de la Motte
Two Plays by Jerzy W. Tepa
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ISBN 9781783204304
Paperback 178 pages
230 x 170
Published January 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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The 1930s were a period of triumph and turmoil in Poland, yet the decade saw the production of a number of exceptional dramatic works. Some dramatists of the period, among them Jerzy Tepa, are not well-known today because many of their plays were lost, or presumed to be lost, during the war years. However, the recent rediscoveries of Tepa’s Ivar Kreuger and Jeanne de la Motte allow a fascinating glimpse into a rich and vital period of Polish literary culture unfamiliar to most English readers and scholars. This book not only introduces Tepa and his work to new readers but also demonstrates why he was one of the leading voices of the Polish interwar era.

Barbara Tepa Lupack is former academic dean and professor of English at SUNY/ESC in Rochester, New York.



Part of the Playtext series
Chapter titles
Ivar Kreuger: A Film-Play in Three Acts with Seventeen Parts
Jeanne de la Motte: A Play in Six Tableaux and Three Entr’actes
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