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Shakespeare Valued
Education Policy and Pedagogy 1989-2009
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ISBN 9781783204380
Paperback 224 pages
230 x 170
Published June 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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Taking a comprehensive, critical, and theoretical approach to the role of Shakespeare in educational policy and pedagogy from 1989 (the year compulsory Shakespeare was introduced under the National Curriculum for English in the United Kingdom), to the present, Shakespeare Valued explores the esteem afforded Shakespeare in the British educational system and its evolution in the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Sarah Olive offers an unparalleled analysis of the ways in which Shakespeare is valued in a range of educational domains in England, and will be essential reading for students and teachers of English and Shakespeare.
Sarah Olive is a lecturer in English in education at the University of York.

Table of Contents

Meaning by Shakespeares
Tracing a Cultural Politics of Shakespeare
Contextualising Shakespeare in Education
Problematising Shakespeare Valued 1
Previewing Shakespeare Valued
Chapter 1: Shakespeare in Policy: Agendas for Standards, Skills and Inclusion
The Victorian Standards
Twentieth-Century English Education Policy
The 1989 National Curriculum
Why Shakespeare?
Why Still Shakespeare?
Shakespeare for Skills
Shakespeare for Standards
Shakespeare for Inclusion
Naturalising Shakespeare’s Curriculum Presence
Chapter 2: Shakespeare in English Pedagogy: Values, Influence and Criticism
Drama in the Curriculum
ICT, Media and Creative Writing
Literary Critical Approaches
Active Methods
Contextual Approaches
Pedagogies for Trainee Teachers
Common Influences on Pedagogies
Pedagogies Globally
Chapter 3: Shakespeare in Theatre and Heritage: Three Education Departments
RSC, SBT and Globe Education
Physical Proximity at the SBT
Play and Community at the Globe
Ensemble Plus at the RSC
The RSC as ‘Cultural Chemist’
Shakespeare Under the Coalition: An End to Shakespeare for All?


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