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Crime Uncovered: Antihero
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ISBN 9781783205196
Paperback pages
Published November 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Fiona Peters and Rebecca Stewart
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Crime Uncovered: Antihero is a fascinating and timely collection of essays that all examine the antihero in crime fiction, television and film. The antihero has enticed readers and audiences for generations: why is it that we root for characters such as Tom Ripley, Dexter Morgan and Walter White, despite our conscious revulsion at some of their actions? These iconic and popular figures of literature are examined in this collection, alongside those lesser-known characters from crime fiction that you will discover here. These essays will give you an insight into the characterisation, methodology, social context and morality that makes up these unlikely protagonists.

'Crime Uncovered: Antihero is fascinating and thought provoking. It causes the reader to think over their favorite novels, comic books, movies and television shows to really contemplate what it is about the antihero that interests us..' – Victoria Irwin, Fan Girl Nation

'Readily accessible for a readership well acquainted with crime fiction through reading for pleasure.' – Sarah Ward, Crimepieces

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