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Shooting Women
Behind the Camera, Around the World
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ISBN 9781783205066
Paperback 362 pages
Published October 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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Shooting Women takes readers around the world to explore the lives of camerawomen working in features, TV news, and documentaries. From first world pioneers like African American camerawoman Jessie Maple Patton who got her job only after suing the union – to China’s first camerawomen – who travelled with Mao – to rural India where poor women have learned camerawork as a means of empowerment, Shooting Women reveals a world of women working with courage and skill in what has long been seen as a male field.
'Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World offers a comprehensive look at the rich and largely unexplored history of camerawomen from all across the globe. In addition, Krasilovsky, Margolis, and Stein provide a detailed account of how unions have often failed to recognize discrimination against women in the workplace—and even within the union itself. Historical overviews as well as first-hand accounts of these women working behind the scenes make for a book that is both educational and engaging.' – Melissa Silverstein - Founder and Editor of Women and Hollywood

'If you are looking for an invaluable gift to give a women interested in film-making or already working in the industry, this book could transform her life and career. I took two days this week and read "Shooting Women" cover-to-cover. I was fascinated and very moved by it. What a gift these three authors have given to women filmmakers everywhere. This book is not just for women interested in cinematography, it's truly a must-read for anyone interested in women in film, film-making, and working in this industry. When I put the book down I felt like I had spent two days at a retreat with a big, wonderful group of women filmmakers who deeply care about each other, and who really want to help support each others' careers. It is easy to read, and phenomenally rich in information and wisdom. A priceless book that should be included in the curriculum of every film school around the world. “Shooting Women” belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in film-making or women in film.' – Maria Giese - Writer/Director, Hunger

'For any young woman contemplating a career in film production… this book will help to provide a clear-eyed view of what that career may look like.' – Cynthia Close - Documentary Magazine

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