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Arts Integration in Education (HB)
Teachers and Teaching Artists as Agents of Change
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ISBN 9781783205257
Hardback 488 pages
Published January 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Arts Integration in Education is an insightful, even inspiring, investigation into the enormous possibilities for change that are offered by the application of arts integration in education. Presenting research from a range of settings, from pre-school to university, and featuring contributions from scholars and theorists, educational psychologists, teachers, and teaching artists, the book offers a comprehensive exploration and varying perspectives on theory, impact, and practices for arts-based training and arts-integrated instruction across the curriculum.

'The authors deftly demonstrate that when skilled teaching artists and thoughtful classroom teachers partner, their dynamic exchange impacts both teacher practice and student learning.   Classrooms become active, vibrant studios of creative exploration, informed by genuine content and modeled after the artistic process of ongoing reflection and revision.' – Peter Avery, Director of Theatre, New York City Department

'The authors of Arts Integration in Education make a powerful argument for weaving art into every aspect of education. If you’re an administrator, teacher, or parent who is concerned about the erosion of school art programs, this book will give you the ammunition you need to make the case for reform.' – Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive

'This book so beautifully encapsulates how gravely necessary innovation has become in our education system, with a wide range of voices that all agree: We must not allow the arts to become privatized, we must keep growing as students, teachers, and artists to create a better world.' – Debbie Allen, Actress/Dancer/Choreographer/Director/Producer/Founder and Artistic Director of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy

'In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, I found some ancient roots of academic arts integration – e.g., illustrating, painting, or applying silver and gold leaf to religious images – mainly in service to reverence and aesthetics. But, unexpectedly, I also witnessed the visual arts as partners in secular learning and scientific understanding – diverse partners in expression, imagining, inventing, and creating. When I reviewed this book, the ancient roots came to mind, but I was also reminded of the progress we’ve made in making arts integration a reality for today’s teachers, for teaching artists, and, most importantly, for our students.' – James S. Catterall, Professor Emeritus, UCLA; Director, Centers for Research on Creativity

'It is imperative for teacher development faculty to prepare our future generation of teachers with a deep understanding of arts integration as the arts experiences connect to every discipline. I plan to incorporate this new book into my education classes immediately!' – Kathy Unrath, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art Education, Director of Graduate Studies, Learning Teaching and Curriculum, University of Missouri

'Arts Integration in Education is a comprehensive and useful book. In this context, ‘arts integration’ is taken to mean both education through the arts and education in the arts in formal education. The book describes a wide range of practices using a rich diversity of art forms. Those who will find the book most valuable will be artists or classroom teachers seeking to develop and enhance their practice, while those managing artist/teacher programmes will find it useful in guiding the development of their practitioners.' – Paul Collard, Arts Professional

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