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Celebrity Philanthropy
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ISBN 9781783204823
Hardback 232 pages
Published December 2015
Imprint: Intellect
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There is no question that celebrities these days are some of the most prominent faces of philanthropic activity – yet their participation raises questions about efficacy, motivations, and activism overall. This book presents case studies of celebrity philanthropy from around the globe – including such figures as Shakira, Arundhati Roy, Zhang Ziyi, Bono, and Madonna – looking at the tensions between celebrity activism and ground-level work and the relationship between celebrity philanthropy and cultural citizenship.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1. Celebrity Philanthropy: An Introduction
Elaine Jeffreys and Paul Allatson
Part 1: Rethinking Celebrity Philanthropy
Chapter 2. On Celebrity Philanthropy
Elaine Jeffreys
Chapter 3. Philanthropy, Celebrity and Incoherence
Jonathan Paul Marshall
Part 2: Branding and Development
Chapter 4. Tyra Banks' Celebrity Philanthropy: Top Model, TZONE and Communication of Female Empowerment
Dara Persis Murray
Chapter 5. Celebrating Development Through Sport: Right to Play and Basketball Without Borders
Rob Millington
Chapter 6. World Relations and Development Issues: Framing Celebrity Philanthropy Doumentaries
Hilde Van den Bulck, Nathalie Claessens and Koen Panis
Chapter 7. Raising Africa? Celebrity and the Rhetoric of the White Saviour
Katherine M. Bell
Part 3: India, China and the Americas
Chapter 8. Arundhati Roy versus the State of India: The Politics of Celebrity Philanthropy
Devleena Ghosh
Chapter 9. Celebrity Philanthropy in China and the Zhang Ziyi Scandal
Elaine Jeffreys
Chapter 10. Shakira, Ricky Marten and Celenthropic Latinidad in the Americas
Paul Allatson
Chapter 11. Afterword
Paul Allatson and Elaine Jeffreys
'Presenting research and insights from scholars in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, this volume promotes a more nuanced understanding of philanthropists and celebrities, reveals the collateral effects of good efforts, and examines how philanthropy is viewed by its recipients. Recommended.”' – J.H Smith, CHOICE

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