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Digital Futures and the City of Today
New Technologies and Physical Spaces
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ISBN 9781783205608
Paperback 280 pages
230 x 170
Published May 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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In the contemporary city, the physical infrastructure and sensorial experiences of two millennia are now inter-woven within an invisible digital matrix. This matrix alters human perceptions of the city, informs our behavior, and increasingly influences the urban designs we ultimately inhabit. Digital Futures and the City of Today cuts through these issues to analyse the work of architects, designers, media  specialists,  and  a  growing number of community activists, laying out a multi-faceted view of the complex integrated phenomenon of the contemporary city. Split into three sections, the book interrogates the concept of the “smart” city, examines innovative digital projects from around the world, documents experimental visions for the future, and describes projects that engage local communities in the design process.


Glenda Amayo Caldwell is a researcher in the Urban Informatics Research Lab and a lecturer in architecture at the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Carl H. Smith is director of the Learning Technology Research Institute and a senior lecturer at Ravensbourne, London. EdwardM.Cliftis president of Brooks Institute in Ventura, California.
Chapter titles
Graham Cairns
Glenda Amayo and Carl Smith
Section One: Embedding- The digital in the physical world
Chapter One: No need to fix: Strategic inclusivity in developing and managing the smart city
Alessandro Aurigi
Chapter Two: Reimag(in)ing the city: Street View as storyspace
Aroussiak Gabrielian
Chapter Three: Information, communication and the digital city
Cláudia Sofia Gonçalves Ferreira Lima
Chapter Four: From the iron cage to the mediated city
Cristina Miranda de Almeida
Section Two: Applications - The use of the digital in the everyday
Chapter Five: Identity management, premediation and the city
Sandra Wilson and Lilia Gomez Flores
Chapter Six: Urban utopics: The politics of the digital city view
Gavin Perin and Linda Matthews
Chapter Seven: Place, play and privacy: Exploring location-based applications and spatial experience
Melanie Chan
Chapter Eight: Post-digital approaches to mapping memory, heritage and identity in the city
Georgios Artopoulos and Nikolas Bakirtzis
Chapter Nine: Responsive transport environments: System thinking as a method to combine media architecture into a digital ecology to improve public transport
M. Hank Haeusler
Section Three: Studies and trials - Examples of community uses of digital technologies
Chapter Ten: Digital urban health and security: NYC's got an app for that
Kristin Scott
Chapter Eleven: Explorations of an urban intervention management system: A reflection on how to deal with urban complex systems and deliver dynamic change
Marta A. G. Miguel, Richard Laing and Quazi Mahtab Zaman
Chapter Twelve: Innovative urban mobility shaped by users through pervasive information and communication technologies
Marco Zilvetti, Matteo Conti and Fausto Brevi
Chapter Thirteen: Blurring the physical boundaries of the city: Meida architecture and urban informatics for community engagement
Glenda Amayo Cauldwell and Mirko Guaralda
Edward M. Clift
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