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Imaging the City
Art, Creative Practices and Media Speculations
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ISBN 9781783205578
Paperback 296 pages
Published May 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Imaging the City brings together the work of designers, artists, dancers and media specialists to investigate how we perceive the city, how we imagine it, how we experience it and how we might better design it. Steve Hawley, Edward M. Clift and Kevin O’Brien provocatively open up the field of urban analysis and thought to the perspectives of creative professionals from non-urban disciplines. With contributors from across the globe, Imaging the City offers insight for engaging with - and forecasting the future of - our cities.

Steve Hawley is professor and associate dean for research at the Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University. Edward M. Clift is president of Brooks Institute in Ventura, California. Kevin O’Brien is an architect and professor of design at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Chapter titles
Graham Cairns
Steve Hawley
Section One: Theories of Media, Memory and Imagination
Chapter One: Territories of image: Disposition and disorientation in Google Earth
Lawrence Bird
Chapter Two: Manchester as a mythical city: Reflections in art and locative media
Steve Hawley
Chapter Three: From under your skin
John Zissovici
Chapter Four: CitySpaceMindSpace
Terry Flaxton
Chapter Five: Mapping the city as remembered and the city as imaged
Jelena Stankovic
Intersection One: A city of grids and algorithms and soundtracks in cars and planes and glass
Joshua Singer
Section Two: Applications - Traditional Technologies of Perception an the Imagination
Chapter Six: Sep Yama/Finding Country to Burning City Studios
Kevin O'Brien
Chapter Seven: Surface tension: Experimental dance films and the undoing of urban space
Sylvie Vitaglione
Chapter Eight: Thresh, hold
Dirk de Bruyn
Chapter Nine: Qualities of lustrous gatherings
Reit Eeckhout and Ephraim Joris
Intersection Two: Sick city: An introduction
Heron-Mazy (Anon)
Section Three: Interventions in Design and Experience - New Media and Technologies in the City
Chapter Ten: Belén's Social Repair Kit: Collective data visualization and participatory civic agency
Ivan Chaparro
Chapter Eleven:Read or follow? Designing with mobile technologies and digital space
Natalie Rowland
Chapter Twelve: Musing publics: Arts and idea in motion
Michael Jemtrud
Edward M. Clift
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