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Applied Theatre, Second Edition
International Case Studies and Challenges for Practice
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ISBN 9781783206254
Paperback 270 pages
Published June 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Six years after its initial publication, Applied Theatre returns with a second edition. As the first book to assist practitioners and students to develop critical frameworks for implementing their own theatrical projects, it served as a vital addition to this area of growing interest, winning the Distinguished Book of the Year award from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education. Editors Monica Prendergast and Juliana Saxton have updated the book to reflect shifts in practice over the last few years in the world of applied theatre. Drawing on their backgrounds in drama education and pedagogy, the co-editors offer introductory chapters and dozens of case studies on applied theatre projects around the globe. This new edition of Applied Theatre will encourage students and practitioners to acquire a deeper understanding of the field and its best practices.

Monica Prendergast is associate professor of drama education at the University of Victoria. Juliana Saxton is professor emerita in the Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria and the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education. 

Chapter titles
Chapter 1
Theories and History of Applied Theatre
Chapter 2
Practices of Applied Theatre
Chapter 3
Story, Storytelling and Applied Theatre
Chapter 4
Popular Theatre
Chapter 5
Documentary Theatre
Chapter 6
Theatre in Education (TIE)
Chapter 7
Theatre of the Oppressed (TO)
Chapter 8
Theatre in Health Education (THE)
Chapter 9
Theatre for Development (TfD)
Chapter 10
Prison Theatre
Chapter 11
Community-Based Theatre
Chapter 12
Museum Theatre
Chapter 13
Reminiscence Theatre
Chapter 14
Challenges for Practice
Afterword: Reflection
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