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On Stage
The Theatrical Dimension of Video Image
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ISBN 9781783205806
Paperback 120 pages
Published February 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Translated by Charles Penwarden

With a Preface by Mieke Bal

In On Stage, Mathilde Roman explores the resonances that fields of theatre – stage, décor, space, gaze and more – have in the practice of video arts. Using these notions of theatre both as points of reference and as a prism through which video installation can be approached, Roman concentrates on questions often overlooked by art historians, theorists, and critics. These include questions of exhibition architecture, display, viewer experience, temporality and the importance of the gaze. Each chapter is articulated around analyses of video installations created by artists, from Michael Snow to Maïder Fortuné, and Dan Graham to Laurent Grasso. With a preface by Mieke Bal, On Stage is an important contribution to the fields of art, history and film studies.

Mathilde Roman teaches at the Pavillon Bosio, Art and Scénographie, École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Monaco. Charles Penwarden is a Paris-based translator specializing in contemporary art.
Chapter titles
Mieke Bal
Chapter 1
A Stage for the Image: Occupying Space, Multiple Screens
Chapter 2
Inhabiting the Scene
Chapter 3
Theatres of Projection
'On Stage: The Theatrical Dimension of Video Image should be on every media artist's reading list.' – Romy Hosford, Afterimage

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