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Rethinking the Alphabet
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ISBN 9781783205493
Paperback 250 pages
Published July 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Asserting that written language is on the verge of its greatest change since the advent of the printing press, visual artist Craig McDaniel and art historian Jean Robertson bring us Spellbound - a collection of heavily illustrated essays that interrogate assumptions about language and typography. Rethinking the alphabet, they argue, means rethinking human communication. Looking beyond traditional typography, the authors conceive of new languages in which encoded pictorial images offer an unparalleled fusion of art and language. In a world of constant technological innovation offered by e-books, tablets, cell phones, and the Internet, McDaniel and Robertson demonstrate provocatively what it would mean to move beyond the alphabet we know to a wholly new system of written communication.

Craig McDaniel is a painter, author, and associate dean and professor of fine arts at Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and Design. Jean Robertson is the Chancellor’s Professor of Art History at Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and Design.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1
Listening to the Alphabet: Sounds
Chapter 2
Looking at the Alphabet: Shapes
Chapter 3
Rethinking the Alphabet: Pictures
Chapter 4
Rethinking the Alphabet: Colors
Chapter 5
The Visuality of Text: Degrees of Spatiality and Translucency
Chapter 6
Thinking in Scripts: The Look of Arabic by Erica Machulak
Chapter 7
The Curious Case of Translation
Chapter 8
Love Letters by Slavs and Tatars by Gabriel Ritter
Chapter 9
Text and Image in Visual Art
Chapter 10
Rethinking Visual Language in the Digital Future by Aaron Ganci
Chapter 11
Visual Culture and Visual Power
Chapter 12
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